He Who Fears the Wolf (Inspector Konrad Sejer, #3)

He Who Fears the Wolf (Inspector Konrad Sejer, #3)

ISBN: 0156030497

ISBN 13: 9780156030496

Publication Date: July 03, 2006

Publisher: Mariner Books

Pages: 304

Format: Paperback

Authors: Karin Fossum, Felicity David

3.78 of 4,224

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Inspector Sejer is hard at work again, investigating the murder of a woman who lived alone in the middle of the woods. The chief suspect is another loner, a schizophrenic recently escaped from a mental institution. The only witness is a twelve-year-old boy, overweight, obsessed with archery, and a resident at a home for delinquents. When a demented man robs a nearby bank and accidentally takes the suspect hostage, the three misfits are drawn into an uneasy alliance. Shrewdly, patiently, as is his way, Inspector Sejer confronts a case where the strangeness of the crime is matched only by the strangeness of the criminals, and where small-town prejudices warp every piece of information he tries to collect.

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