Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe: Anthology of Southern Writers

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This collection of thirty Southern writers gathers some of the finest authors in the country - with stories, essays, and a poem. Demonstrating a range of styles, topics, and themes these stories display each writer's craftsmanship and talent and together form a testament to the grand literary tradition of the South.


Final season by Marlin Barton
The blues is dying in the place it was born by Rick Bragg
Bitsy by Jill Conner Browne
S. Trident by C. Terry Cline
My heart's content by Pat Conroy
The octopus alibi by Tom Corcoran
I would like to go back as I am, now, to you as you were, then by Beth Ann Fennelly
The girl from Soldier Creek by Patricia Foster
Christmas 1893 by Tom Franklin
Come home, come home, it's suppertime by William Gay
Everything must go by Jim Gilbert
Going back to the bridge in Berlin by W. E. B. Griffin
Just a little closer to the Lord by Winston Groom
Love like a bullet by Melinda Haynes
Left behind by Frank Turner Hollon
The last days by Silas House
The fall of the Nixon administration by Suzanne Hudson
A modern tragedy by Douglas Kelley
Payback by Tom Kelly
Killing Stonewall Jackson by Michael Knight
White sugar and red clay by Bev Marshall
Blackbird by Barbara Robinette Moss
And when I should feel something by Jennifer Paddock
How this song ends by Judith Richards
From Tucson to Tucumcari, from Hatchabee to Tonopah by Richard Shackelford
Vietnam by George Singleton
Jesus, beans, and butter rum Lifesavers by Monroe Thompson
Arnold's number by Sidney Thompson
The dead girl by Brad Watson
The right kind of person by Steve Yarbrough

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