ISBN: 0985288809

ISBN 13: 9780985288808

Publication Date: February 19, 2012

Pages: 301

Format: Paperback

Author: Geoffrey Germann

4.17 of 331

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"...cutting-edge... skillful... high-octane..." Kirkus Reviews

As a small boy, Darren Kiel was witness to his father's corruption and contemptible misconduct. As he grew, that experience gave rise to a seething need to atone for his father's crimes, to set the world aright, to enforce order. Now an adult, Darren is thrust into a world far more horrific than he could ever have imagined: The Orchard, a region inundated by crime, violence, poverty, decay, and desperation. With swelling intolerance, hardening resolve, and miraculous technology, Darren sets upon an obsessive crusade to correct what has gone wrong in this society's machine. As the campaign escalates, Darren sees the violence spread to every corner of his life and threaten or destroy everything he's worked for and everyone he holds dear. But is this truly Darren's war or is all this just a small part of a much larger design that he is only now beginning to glimpse?

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