Selected Writings

Selected Writings

ISBN: 0140430334

ISBN 13: 9780140430332

Publication Date: 1986

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 571

Format: Paperback

Authors: Samuel Johnson, Patrick Cruttwell

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From struggling Grub Street journalist to moralist and lexicographer to (as Smollett put it) 'The Great Cham of Literature', the literary career of Samuel Johnson divides into three stages.

This excellent anthology contains generous selections from each period and includes London, The Life Savage, The Vanity of Human Wishes, extracts from the English Dictionary, Preface to Shakespeare and Lives of the Poets. Throughout, the editor, Patrick Cruttwell, has been concerned that his choice should illustrate the riches and brilliance of Johnson's literary personality, as well as allow Johnson's less well-known writings, such as his early journalism, his letters and his prayers, a proper place.

Johnson was a writer of vigour, power, passion and profundity, and this selection reveals all these fascinating aspects of one of our greatest men of letters.

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