The Massive, Vol. 4: Sahara

The Massive, Vol. 4: Sahara

ISBN: 1616555084

ISBN 13: 9781616555085

Publication Date: January 13, 2015

Publisher: Dark Horse Books

Pages: 152

Format: Paperback

Authors: Brian Wood, Garry Brown, Daniel Zezelj

3.89 of 372

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Callum Israel and the crew of the Kapital face Arkady, Israel’s former colleague bent on revenge. When the Kapital is bombed, Callum and Mag head into post-Crash Europe to confront Arkady. But what they ultimately discover may lead them to their long-lost ship, The Massive. Meanwhile, Mary appears in the Sahara Desert, guarding a convoy of fresh water, holding a secret that might unravel Callum for good. Collects issues #19-#24.

"The Massive" begins its most powerful chapter yet as Brian Wood, Garry Brown, and Daniel Zezelj unravel the ongoing mystery of Mary and set the stage for the final act, when the cause of the Crash is revealed.

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