The Long Hunt (Mageworlds)

The Long Hunt (Mageworlds)

ISBN: 0812534964

ISBN 13: 9780812534962

Publication Date: August 15, 1996

Publisher: Tor Books

Pages: 282

Format: Paperback

Authors: Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald

3.57 of 226

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Welcome to Khestat, glittering jewel of the Central Worlds. Khestat, where decadence is an art form, and intrigue is a way of life -- and where, more than twenty years after the second Magewar, power struggles within the ruling family threaten both the Mageworlds and the Republic.The Khesatan crisis has broken the spaceways apart, reviving old alliances and buried rivalries. Waring factions, criminal guilds, and supranormal forces all have their eyes turned toward Jens Metadi-Jessan D'Rosselin, only to the scapegrace brother of the current -- and childless -- Highest of Khesat, and whomever controls Khesat controls the galaxy.

Jens doesn't know that he's the first item on a long rollcall of agendas. He's off to see the galaxy in company with his cousin Faral. They're looking for excitement and adventure. Before the dust settles, they'll fet more of both than they bargained for.

And the civilized galaxy may never be the same again.

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