Testaments Betrayed: An Essay in Nine Parts

Testaments Betrayed: An Essay in Nine Parts

ISBN: 0060927518

ISBN 13: 9780060927516

Publication Date: August 02, 1996

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Pages: 288

Format: Paperback

Authors: Milan Kundera, Linda Asher

4.04 of 1,211

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A brilliant and thought-provoking essay from one of the twentieth century’s masters of fiction, Testaments Betrayed is written like a novel: the same characters appear and reappear throughout the nine parts of the book, as do the principal themes that preoccupy the author. Kundera is a passionate defender of the moral rights of the artist and the respect due a work of art and its creator’s wishes. The betrayal of both—often by their most passionate proponents—is one of the key ideas that informs this strikingly original and elegant book.

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