The Secret

The Secret

ISBN: 1843911256

ISBN 13: 9781843911258

Publication Date: March 01, 2006

Publisher: Hesperus Press

Pages: 123

Format: Paperback

Author: Charlotte Brontë

3.36 of 125

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A rollicking adventure from the Brontës’ imagined kingdom of Verdopolis, The Secret is a novel of intrigue, duplicity, and all-conquering love. Arthur, the Marquis of Douro, his beautiful wife, Marion, and their infant son lead a happy and carefree existence in the city of Verdopolis—until a chance encounter brings the youthful Marchioness’ childhood governess back into their lives. The meeting proves to be the catalyst for an increasingly tortuous series of events involving blackmail, imposture, and shocking revelations regarding the birth of the young Marchioness. Will the Marquis ever forgive his wife her secret? English novelist Charlotte Brontë is best remembered for her perennially popular novel, Jane Eyre.

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