The Works of Anne Frank

The Works of Anne Frank

ISBN: 0837172063

ISBN 13: 9780837172064

Publication Date: February 12, 1974

Pages: 332

Format: Hardcover

Author: Anne Frank

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Revised and expanded version of the Critical Edition, originally published in 1986. A complete collection of Anne Frank's known writings -- different versions of her diary (as well as five recently discovered diary pages), fables, personal reminiscences and her unfinished novel, Cady's Life. Also includes a summary of the document examination and handwriting identification analysis completed in 1986 by the Netherlands State Forensic Science Laboratory. Every aspect of the diary--including Anne's handwriting and the paper used--is examined.

This book allows readers to compare the three versions of the diary itself: Anne's original entries; the diary as she herself edited it in the hiding place of the "Secret Annex"; and the version most popularly known, as edited by Anne's father, Otto Frank, and a Dutch publishing house after World War II, when they removed certain family and sexual references.

The book also includes biographical information on the Frank family and a summary of critical events during and after the family's arrest--including how the Nazi authorities learned about the Franks and their secret hiding place.

First published in Dutch in 1986 as De Dagboeken van Anne Frank, by Staatsuitgeverij.

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